Adami & Martucci Designer, Alberto Luzzi, founded a non-profit organization to benefit the people and culture of Mustang.

Lying within the Himalayan Mountains, Mustang is perhaps the last place where one may “rediscover” the real Tibet and its immense culture. Comprised of no roads where the only mode of transportation is by foot or horse, the village offers an unparalleled experience to view the world as it was before – before wars, revolutions, natural disasters, and modern advancements.

While its isolation has preserved the Tibetan ethnic roots and culture, the political events and revolutions of Tibet to their north and Nepal to their south, has further isolated Mustang, threatening the survival of its people.

Consequently, the Mustang paradise is also marked by poverty and harsh living conditions. Healthcare facilities are almost non-existent – and most rely on traditional medicines. Infant mortality is high, and not all children reach adulthood, which begins at an early age. The poverty contributes to the people’s malnutrition and very low education levels – it is estimated 80% of the territory is illiterate.

Mustang School

The New Mustang School

Pietro Taricone Onlus’ first step is to build a school in Mustang’s northern region. The children of today will be the adults of tomorrow. They represent the future of a people at risk of extinction. The school will help the Mustang people acquire the general notions and educations they are currently deprived of – a lack that renders them unable to face the modern world on an equal footing.

Additionally, protecting the culture is as important as feeding its people. The school’s educational system will focus on the awareness and maintenance of Mustang’s culture, through the study of the place’s history and traditions.

Pietro Taricone

Pietro Taricone Onlus was co-founded in 2011 in memory of Pietro Taricone by Pietro’s wife Kasia Smutniak and Alberto Luzzi. Taricone was an adventurer and traveler who fell in the love with the people and culture of Mustang. During his trip to the area, before he passed away at the age of 35, he had expressed the will to preserve the Mustang culture and improve the future of its people. To find out more information about the cause and how you can help Mustang, please visit


Mustang PDF Click Here to download a PDF of the Mustang Solar School Project.(English)

Mustang PDF Click Here to download a PDF of the Mustang Solar School Project.(Italian)